- 2007 Continental GT V8 - engine codes P0234 and P0101
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    1. 11-29-2018 04:31 PM #1
      A few miles ago I found these codes:

      000564 - Boost Pressure Regulation
      P0234 - 001 - Limit Exceeded (Overboost Condition) - MIL ON
      000257 - Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70)
      P0101 - 008 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent

      Also tranny code:
      18265 - Load Signal
      P1857 - 000 - Error Message from ECU - Intermittent

      Also ABS code:
      18265 - Load Signal
      P1857 - 000 - Error Message from ECU - Intermittent

      From other Audi, I know the tranny relies on input from the MAF (unplugging the MAF triggers tranny code).
      Therefore I assume the MAF code is the root cause here? Or is it the overboost?

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    3. 11-29-2018 04:46 PM #2
      I plan run below test (output test on engine, basic setting).
      Is there a test for the MAF? Or just log MAF readings at idle and while driving (ditto N75 duty cycle, requested boost, actual boost)?

      What 'type' of ECU is the 2007 Continental V8 using? (think Me7 or else?). What to use for logging (I don't have a logging template IF Me7Logger would work)?

      16618/P0234/000564 - Boost Pressure Regulation: Limit Exceeded (Overboost Condition)
      Possible Symptoms
       Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) ON
       Boost Pressure too high
       Reduced Power Output
      Possible Causes
       Hoses incorrectly connected, disconnected, blocked or leaking
       Boost Pressure Control Valve (N75) faulty
       Boost Pressure Sensor (G31) faulty
       Turbo Charger stuck/faulty
      Possible Solutions
       Check Charge Pressure Control System
       Perform Output Test (to check the Turbo Charger)
       Perform Basic Setting (to check the Charge Pressure Control)
       Perform Pressure Test to locate Leaks
       Check/Replace Boost Pressure Control Valve (N75)
       Check/Replace Boost Pressure Sensor (G31)
       Check/Replace Turbo Charger

      16485/P0101/000257 - Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70): Implausible Signal
      Possible Symptoms
       Loss of Power
       Erratic Idle
      Possible Causes
       Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70) faulty
       Air Leak(s) after Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70)
       Excessive restrictions in the Intake/Exhaust System
       Dirty air filter, clogged snow screen, clogged CAT
       Ground Spots corroded or Paint Residue
       Wiring and/or Connections from/to Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70) faulty
      Possible Solutions
       Check Intake Air Filter
       Check Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70)
       Check Ground Spots
       Check Wiring and/or Connections from/to Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70)

    4. 07-03-2019 02:43 PM #3
      The overboost code has been coming back (this time also misfires codes in both ECU).

      Does anybody have practical suggestions to 'smoke' (pressure test) the GT?
      My 'smoker' has a large rubber cone (good for intake air, MAF, etc hoses), and a smaller brass cone (good for smaller vacuum lines, evap, etc).
      Any tips, photos, suggestions?

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