- Seat Ibiza (6k) GTD budged race project !
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    1. 11-19-2018 01:39 PM #1
      Hey, by the title you know whats the car I'm representing, so about the car :
      It was my first car with which I have been teaching myself drifting on snow, gravel, street racing or just having adventures by traveling.

      The engine:
      Tdi 81kw, some mode's, but I will not tell you about them, because everything will change

      The plan :
      Have street legal budged race car. First thinks first - its needed get restored (after many years beating, not much where left), get technical inspection.
      After what the funny part begins... Many parts I have buyed already for racing, but i gonna keep it in secret until I will install what parts.

      Sadly I do not have much time of working of this Ibiza, because i working at another country and I'm backing only after 6 weeks for 2 weeks, but not all the days is given for project

      The photo how my ibiza looked before
      *Photo from first years of having

      *the last years of driving

      Where resque mission .After long standing has appeared many problems

      After solving many electrical problems, where works is started.

      Problematic places under the bottom was welded, so the frame from now will be okey, so one more step foward until technical inspection

      The restoration of suspension started :
      All existing rubber is new one, anti-roll bar rubbers also and his holders

      Also restorated brake calipers

      I gonna use stock cupra brakes, because as I remember whey freaking osum on car weight (1050kg, after inspection will weight less)

      BTW I took the opportunity and created the video of my project, here is first episode :

      I will happy to hear tips how to do better some thinks

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    3. 12-06-2018 09:36 AM #2
      The front suspension done. I will use stock brakes, no doubt new brake discs, pads and so on. (originally cupra 280mm brakes). For winter driving on 1000kg car for sure will be enough

      Where was needed for technical inspection exsaust, sadly did not find original 81kw (AFN) engine. So from local car dump buyed 3 used exsaust to make one.... Regreted... 3 days wasted

      I assembled much as be able.

      Now only left to end the rear suspension and to do lot of little details.

      How last time, I used oppurtunity and created video:

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