I've updated the end of post #12 to include information and pictures of a custom CNC machined subframe dogbone pendulum bar designed to perfectly fit the B6 Passat platform. Many aftermarket companies erroneously market their Mk5 platform pendulum bars to fit the B6 Passat but this is incorrect. Most people aren't aware of that just like most people aren't aware that the B6 Passat factory pendulum bar is a different part # than that of the Mk5 platform (which means different specs). The B6 Passat's is actually a little bit longer and so to fit a Mk5 platform pendulum bar, whether OEM or aftermarket, requires forcing the fitment which has some side effects.

Read the "Custom Machined Dogbone Pendulum bar" section towards the end of post #12 for much more info and some cool pics of the fabrication process and final fitment!

In other news... I promise I'll get to the big turbo-related post in the next month or so. I know I've been saying this time and time again but I just haven't gotten around to it with all the other projects I have going on with the car and the business of track season, on top of work and personal life, so it's just fallen by the wayside for a bit. Once track season is over - my last track day is September 16 - I'll have more time and energy to put into the build thread and I'll finally get that post out!