- 2011 A3 Low RPM rattle/wobble, video link
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    1. 11-07-2018 11:18 AM #1
      Ive been trying to find similar posts to my problem, maybe I'm not describing/searching it correctly?

      2011 A3 Quattro, 125,xxx miles

      This "wobble/rattle" happens at low rpm when i'm just letting off brake and car is just taking off on its own, it also happens when im slowly going over a speed bump. I don't hear anything under regular driving conditions, only in take-off situations. you can visually see that this noise makes the accessory belts kind of wobble. I've included a youtube video that tries to capture this noise, its not easy to replicate but I am able to catch it about 5 times in this video, I should also note the noise under question doesn't last long possibly a few seconds. but you can hear it begin a fade in and out.

      noise in video begins at
      7 seconds
      24 seconds
      38 seconds
      54 seconds
      1min 8 seconds

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      11-07-2018 01:43 PM #2
      My money is on Belt tensioner. Similar video found on youtube:

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