- TUI Airways 757 sideway landing during a storm!!!
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      10-23-2018 03:18 PM #1
      Initial D style!!!

      I am wondering will this 100% manual control by the pilot or still fully auto or somewhere in between?? (I am guessing 100% manual control)

      BTW, this is the pilot...
      Captain Brenda Riepsaame Wassink

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      10-29-2018 09:53 PM #2
      Care to bet she trained on gliders ? Only thing (being nitpicking) is she left it a bit late to straighten out but overall beautifully done and none of the wild antics you often see in such situations. That's why I wouldn't be surprised if she has a glider flying skill set. Gliders with their huge T-tails in comparison to their fuse profile need that very sideways approach in cross-wind landings, you're often flying by looking out the side window. Oh, and yes I would think that's entirely manual landing but I'm not a jet jockey so I couldn't be certain.
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