- Stock throttle body size?
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    1. Member
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      Apr 25th, 2009
      Columbus, OH
      2013 Passat SE 2.5l White
      10-19-2018 06:08 PM #1
      I'm looking to see what the throttle body size is on the V6 Passat. Also, if anyone know, if it could be mounted on the 2.5L motor as a psuedo upgrade from it's throttle body? I have access to VAG-Com for throttle body adaptation if necessary.

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      Jun 27th, 2000
      Annapolis Area MD
      2010 3.6 4-Motion CC, 1990 G60/TDI/R36 Corrado
      01-23-2019 11:34 AM #2
      I happen to have a couple 3.6 throttle bodies.

      This one is from a 2016 CGRA 3.6 from a Touareg, $75 with only 20k miles:

      2006 3.6 BLV Passat 120k Miles $60 (identical to mk5 R32 part number)

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