- DSG custom controller
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    1. 10-18-2018 05:55 AM #1
      we made a custom controller for the DSG box. for whom it is interesting - you can contact the links below
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    3. 11-28-2018 01:20 AM #2
      we made a controller. Now comes the settings. You can follow the results on YouTube or in my logbook on another site.
      igor.petru kovich @

    4. 03-15-2019 12:05 AM #3
      Hello! I go for 1 month. Hitting 1000 kilometers. All perfectly! My golf MK2, ABF, Megasquirt 2, DQ-250 KCZ trans. Now my car very fast)))
      about installation you can read here:
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    6. 05-11-2019 02:52 AM #4
      I will answer the frequently asked questions so that everyone does not have to explain separately)
      1. Mehatronik remains factory. The box is completely standard working with our controller.
      2. switching points, switching speeds, revolutions - all this is regulated by the factory mechatronics.
      3. Our controller can make dsg work even if there is no engine control unit, but for proper dsg operation we use analog signals: engine speed sensor, gas pedal position sensor / mechanical throttle position sensor, brake light, other data is not very important, but we can add over time.
      4.abs not required, onboard network / dashboard / gateway is not required.
      5. lunch control with boost active
      6.It has an exit for reversing lights
      other questions can be asked by email

    7. Semi-n00b
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      06-21-2019 12:30 PM #5
      What is the Price for this controller?

    8. 07-11-2019 04:43 AM #6

      1. How does the ECU work your controller?

      Answer. Our controller works with almost all engine ECUs or even without it.

      Usually we use analog signals from sensors: Frequency of rotation of the crankshaft, throttle position / electronic gas pedal position, the signal from the brake pedal push-on switch.

      2. I do not have ABS and electronic steering, will your controller work?

      Answer. Our controller even works without ABS and electronic steering wheel. But there is one caveat - if you do not have ABS and other electronic helpers and the ECU does not have traction control - then on powerful engines there may be a problem with wheel slip when starting from a standstill (more applies to cars with one driving axle)

      3. How to be with start control if there is no abs?

      Answer. If you have a powerful car with a single-axle drive - you need to control the start in your computer. This is either fine tuning of the launch control, or traction control, or the implementation of boost to the gear (speed).

      Two-wheel drive vehicles usually have no such obvious problems with this.

      4. Is launch control supercharged?

      Answer. YES, supercharged launch control is possible, besides - launch control is regulated only by the engine control unit, which makes it easier to adjust the start.

      5. What external signals are coming out of the controller?

      Answer. The controller has an output signal of the speed of the vehicle, which you can use to limit the boost in your computer. There is also a back-up signal output - to power the reversing lamps

      igor.petrukovich /dsginside

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