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    1. 07-29-2019 08:57 AM #26

      My DPR was so out of wack that it didn't want to read at all within the acceptable tolerances.

      I did a fuel volume test by pulling the injectors, putting them into individual containers and lifting the metering head to WOT for the allotted time per the Bentley manual. Figured out I was putting out WAY too much fuel.

      Pulled the DPR, cranked it back a turn or two.

      Repeated the test until fuel volumes were within spec per Bentley, put it all back together, adjusted CO and was able to get a good reading!

      I then fine tuned er' with the ammeter and my wideband.

      Runs like a top

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      07-29-2019 11:31 AM #27
      Glad you got it figured out. I had a similar issue. Finally took the plunge and bought a new DPR for $500. Fixed my problem.

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