- FS: 2004 Audi RS6 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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      07-20-2018 04:28 PM #1
      2004 Audi RS6 Blk/Blk/Carbon Fiber

      Price: $21,000CAD ($17,000 USD)

      - perfect shape, never any accident, no dents, no rust
      - never winter driven
      - I had it undercoated regularly (
      - both mirrors are in perfect shape and have no stains (I got new ones last year at $400 each)

      - no dents, cracks or rips, the interior is in very good shape and I have both OEM summer and winter mats
      - sound system is perfect and I also have the iPod/mini-jack connector
      - I have two remotes for the car
      - A/C climate control works perfect

      - The rims on now are OEM RS4 19in rims and I installed new Yokohama summer tires two months ago
      - I have the original 18in rims (with the car's VIN #) and they have new winter tires on them (never used)

      - no problems at all, no check engine codes (I have a VAG-COM)
      - the car has a stage 1 chip
      - no oil leaks, boost leaks or vacuum leaks
      - in Aug 2017 I installed the following: iridium spark plugs, OEM coil packs, two OEM MAFs
      - I install new PCV valves every year to prevent oil leaks
      - I only use Royal Purple 5w40 with OEM oil filters every 7k-8k
      - I change all the filters (engine/cabin) twice a year
      - I changed the fuel filter at 160k
      - the last timing on the car was done at 150k, I already purchased the complete kit purchased for the next service
      - I installed new engine mounts last spring ( and I also purchased but didn't install yet (
      - I also installed the Wagner turbo hose kit

      Note: I regret replacing the engine and transmission mounts, the old ones were ok I was trying to be preventative because of the mileage of the car, the new ones are good but I wasted money.

      - the transmission shifts perfectly and it has no codes and no leaks, I had it rebuilt over a year ago at and I got an upgraded torque converter and upgraded internals (I have the invoice)
      - I installed just a few weeks ago (

      - OEM except for which I installed one year ago
      - no leaks in the suspension, car had the DRC recall done in 2012
      - control arms are in good shape
      - last alignment was about one month ago when I installed new tires
      - there is 0 play in all four wheels, no loose bushings/tie-rods/ball joints

      Front - I just installed two months ago brand new rotors and pads (Zimmerman rotors, Stoptech Street pads) and I also bled the whole system, the brakes are perfect
      Rear - new rotors were installed one year ago, and I just installed new pads (StopTech Street) two weeks ago and of course also bled the rear lines

      See link below for pics:
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      Beautiful ride. GLWS!

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