- Anyone try the new Sonax Spray And Seal? Looks very tempting...
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    1. 07-06-2018 10:59 AM #1
      Just saw the video from Looks like a very good product. Easy application and removal.

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    3. Junior Member nc_detail_garage's Avatar
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      07-06-2018 12:37 PM #2
      I haven't, not really a fan of these types of si02 sprays for paint but do use them for wheels. Mainly gyeon wetcoat though, but same idea.

    4. Member HI SPEED's Avatar
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      07-21-2018 08:41 PM #3
      These generally don't have much longevity

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    6. Member vapor's Avatar
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      09-08-2018 06:35 PM #4
      detailer's domain put this on my R back in August. Seems to work pretty well. Just today was driving through the rain and water was beading and running off the windshield, didnt even need to use wipers. Of course I only drive maybe one time a week, garaged the rest of the time.
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    7. Member pdqgp's Avatar
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      09-10-2018 08:10 AM #5
      Quote Originally Posted by 2PUTT View Post
      Just saw the video from Looks like a very good product. Easy application and removal.

      I just started using it on customer vehicles. I don't do a whole lot of maintenance clean ups but for family, friends, neighbors who I've detailed cars for, I will use it as an easy revival for them. I can knock out a pretty thorough wash and clean up on a decent car quickly and this really adds to the mix making for a nice finish afterwards.
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      09-21-2018 06:49 PM #6
      I bought 2 bottles and just tried it out last night.

      1st car: My Karmann Ghia that is mostly driven in the summer but in all conditions. Every fall I give it polish and coat of Collininte #885, throughout the summer it'll get 5-6 washes with a spray 'n wipe in between, always garaged. That said, after I washed it but before application I took note of the residual water and current beading. With the care it gets you can imagine that most of the water had fallen off and the beading is already pretty insane due to the #885. After application of Spray and Seal and thorough rinse I didn't noticed any real appreciable gain however drying came a bit easier/ faster (I use natural chamois, not synthetic). The brightwork that wasn't treated with the #885 now has the beading performance as the paint.

      2nd car: E36 BMW 318ti owned by a friend, daily driver not garaged but washed regularly and gets a good polishing 2-3 times a year. Water beading after wash was pretty ok but needed some improvement, especially the glass as well as the hood and roof. Misted the product on as directed and proceeded with rinsing as directed. Immediately the effects were realized in a much more dramatic way than the Ghia. Drying time was minimal and effortless, just dragged the chamois head lamp to tail lamp and done.

      I'd say this is a good product for vehicles with not too serious detail schedule or vehicles that don't already have a good base of wax applied. When the winter sets in I want to try it on a friends' Allroad that we take to the ski hill and see what tolerance it'll have to snowfall.

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