- Brand New to AutoX - Mk6 1.4T
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    1. 04-05-2018 04:24 PM #1
      Hey fella's,

      I am thinking about trying out auto cross for the first time this spring/summer. I have a 16' Jetta SE 1.4T w/ Auto Trans. The car is completely stock.

      I have a question specifically for the transmission. If I enter and event like this, can this transmission be used in "manual" mode ? Should I just leave it in "sport" mode instead ? I would love the ability to be able to control the shifting, but I feel like this transmission would not be too happy with the quick downshifting when needed, since I do not have the ability to clutch/attempt to rev match lol. Would anyone be able to offer some advice for a complete beginner here ?

      My first time out the car will be completely bone stock just to get an idea for the event moving forward.

      Eventually I would like to accomplish the following over the course of the summer.

      K&N Filter
      Muffler Swaps
      Brake Pads
      SS Brake Lines
      Front Sway Bar Bushings
      GLI Rear Sway Bar
      Summer Tires

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    3. 04-05-2018 04:35 PM #2
      Just get it in 2nd gear as quickly as possible and leave it there (if manual mode allows that). Other than that, be smooth with the wheel, walk through the course 5 times till you can visualize it in your head, look way ahead to where you want to go 2 turns later, and have a blast

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    4. Member
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      04-16-2018 01:20 PM #3
      Is this a DSG? If so, I'd say let it shift for you. I've found that works best in my MK7 DSG, since it doesn't hold the gear you want if you do put it in manual mode.

      If it's a standard torque converter automatic, I'd manually shift it to 2nd as soon as you can and try and leave it there. Depending on the gearing and course that may be just fine unless there's a super slow tight turnaround. It seems that regular automatics do not really like to be manually shifted aggressively and frequently, at least in my experience with 90's Honda automatics.

      If you're new to autocross, you'll definitely go faster just by concentrating on the steering wheel and pedals without having to worry about shifting.

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    6. n00b
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      May 13th, 2018
      2010 VW EOS
      06-09-2018 11:21 PM #4
      My wife and I just ran our 2010 Eos with the DSG in its first autocross. We left it in sport mode for the day and did ok. My wife is going the leave it in sport mode since she's new to autocross. I've run a couple seasons so I'm going to try manual mode next time out.
      Since you're just starting out, leave it sport mode and focus on being smooth with your steering, throttle, and braking.
      Like rex said, walk the course as much as possible beforehand and ask lots of questions of the more experienced drivers. If there are instructors available, have one ride along for a couple runs.
      The 2016 1.4T isn't mentioned specifically in the SCCA rule book but it's likely in H Street. In street class you are only allowed to add one sway bar, wheels + or - 1 inch and + or - 7mm offset but stock width, UTQG 200 tread wear tires, and any brake pads.
      Just changing the brake lines alone will move you up to one of the Street Touring classes against much more prepared and faster cars.
      Hope this helps. Have fun most of all. You'll be hooked in no time.

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