- Solid exhaust valves on 1.8T Yes or No
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    1. Junior Member
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      Dec 3rd, 2016
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      04-03-2018 01:10 PM #1

      I've read lots of contrasting info on using solid steel exhaust valves on the 1.8T. I have forged rods, wossner pistons and an AET 380-04 hybrid making 398bhp. Due to low compression I'm having the bottom end freshened up with some new rings and a hone (or a less worn block if needed).

      I later plan to add a GT3071R to get IRO 500bhp and more with nitrous as I use the van at drag racing events and will also be on track. What experiences have people had on here with solid steel (non coated) exhaust valves? I've got a few friend running 500bhp+ with solid exhaust valves without any issues, but another tuner in the UK has said solid valves are NA spec and can't handle the heat and I should go for inconel ones.

      Does anyone here have any first hand experience. Whilst the bottom end is getting done it gives me a chance to consider switching valves if needed...? Anything else I should do?

      Here's my 1.8T van for anyone interested.



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    3. Senior Member Vegeta Gti's Avatar
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      04-03-2018 01:13 PM #2
      I think most aftermarket stainless exhaust valves are solid iirc. Don't qoute me. But do look up ferrera, cat, IE, supertech and see what they say about their valves.

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      Quote Originally Posted by .Ant View Post
      What vegeta said.

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      04-11-2018 11:06 AM #3
      All the aftermarket are solid. You don't want hollow/sodium filled in a high HP application such as yours. Inconel valves will break if there is a timing issue, destroying a lot of things along the way. Stainless will bend and save you some trouble if that happens.

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    6. Member Alec's TT's Avatar
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      06-08-2018 02:07 AM #4
      Yes, cheaper supertec stainless will work fine.
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      06-10-2018 02:29 PM #5
      Go for the inconels. Seems to be a misconception of them bending but they are bonded to a SS stem. I have a head here with bent inconel valves on a timing belt failure and none of them let loose. The properties of inconel will ensure that they withstand burning far better then stainless on builds where you really ratchet up boost/timing. Their rate of cooling and thermal fatigue is far superior as well

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