I have a VW T4 Transporter with a forged 1.8T conversion. By the standards of pretty much everything else here my project is only at the beginning. I'm having an adapter made to allow me to run the Audi S3/TT 02M gearbox and add a rear diff and set the HALDEX to permanent.

Before I do this, are there any known upgrades for the old drivetrain? I only ask as I have friends running the old Quattro system which seems to be bullet proof however this is a longitudinal setup.

I'm going to be running some 245 17 MH slicks initially with just a FWD setup and LSD.

If anyone has any tips for such a heavy setup I'd be keen to learn as I've done a few drag days but I really have no idea what I'm doing. I;ve watched basics video's on YouTube but there are people here doing sub 10 sec 1/4's so I'm happy to take advice if anyone is willing to give me some pointers.

Here's my van if anyone is interested :-)