So, the vette was great, hugely capable, looked the part, and sounds intoxicatingly well. But, for some reason, neither myself nor Lia really took to the car. The steering was lifeless and it's interior build quality left a lot to be desired. Lia had talked ad-naseum about how she missed the Porsche Boxster we had, how confident she felt in it, and how direct/confidence inspiring the steering feel was. So we decided to start looking for 981 Cayman and Boxster S's. We found a couple, drove a few, but i wasn't really ready to part with 50+ grand without being DEAD sure, so we kept looking around driving a few other cars. Looked at GT350s, but we didn't want the same interior we just got out of when we sold our '16 GT. Then I started pushing her in the direction of a new (used) TTS. I drove one before I bought my 750 about a year and half ago, when the cars first touched ground. It was one car that really blindsided me with how much I liked it--i just really had low expectations going in. It drove so well, felt miles faster than the power numbers suggested, great trans, decent steering, incredible traction on exit (flat footing that thing out of corners is hilarious fun at low speed), and I was blown away by the interior design. Loved the virtual cockpit, how clean and modern the interior/exterior design language was, just overall really wanted the car. I tried to deal on it and my dealer wouldn't come down to the price that I wanted to pay (which I had seen others pay). So I walked, ended up in a 750, as I really needed a 4 door daily anyway. Fast forward a year and half, and I tried to get the misses on board with getting one. She was surprisingly apprehensive as her mind was DEAD set on Porsche. She won't admit it, and while she really is a true enthusiast and enjoys driving and tracking with me, I think a part of her also really liked to tell people that she "drove a Porsche". I got her in front of one at a showroom and I could see the gears turning in her head. She was smitten aesthetically, both inside and out. The porsche really is miles ahead dynamically, but when you start to involve money/practicality the TTS becomes a very very compelling argument. A lightly used 1 year old car is still 10k less than a comparable 981 Cayman S, and it has a full warranty. It's faster in a straight line (esp after tune/downpipes), it makes the Porsche interior/feature-content look downright archaic, and while they are "useless", there are back seats, which means in a pinch, you could carry a passenger. For us, that really means that she can take our pitbull (monster) with us, and that was a big selling point for her. She drove the car and really liked it, but still thought the cayman/boxster steering was better (it is, no question).

We were up in the air about what to do, and were looking at both options in the market. Then, we found this craziness. A 1 owner TTS with about 5k miles on the clock, painted Porsche Viper Green, an homage to the 1970s porsche RSRs (i think??). We both thought it was an absolutely absurd color, so of course, we bought it. The car apperantly was used by some Audi exec in detroit, and there's an interesting bit on the window sticker (look at the top right corner). Anyhoo, the aptly named Kermit is scheduled for transport pickup this Saturday, and we couldn't be more excited!

Here are some dealer pics, I think they tend to wash the green out with the camera so I'll post better pics when it gets in. The true hue of the color can be seen below on the Porsches'.

PS. Some of you porsche nuts tell me more porsche history on this paint color (i geek out on things like this). Also if anyone knows how many cars were built in this color that'd be awesome as well. Here is the color on the original marquee;