- Help!! Wtb: Amu ecu
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    1. 01-26-2018 08:11 PM #1
      I need to borrow or if I absolutely have to, buy an AMU ECU for my car.
      I am having issues with fault code 17521
      Looks like I need to tey a different ECU.
      PM me if you’re in SoCal

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      Jan 29th, 2011
      04.5 GLI platinum gray, 2012 audi TTRS black panther
      01-28-2018 03:54 PM #3
      ive got one for sale , PM ME

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    5. 02-25-2018 12:24 PM #4
      I don't think you have ECU issues, rather your wiring of the O2 sensor is damaged. Have you traced the O2 connector back to the ECU connector?
      Get the ECU pinout diagram and trace the wires first.

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