- Rallycross (SCCA) with MK7 GTI, anyone?
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      01-16-2018 07:02 PM #1
      I'm thinking of bringing out my MK7 GTI for some SCCA rallycross action. I've done a couple events years ago, and am an experienced autocrosser.

      Has anyone else ran a MK7?

      I'm a bit leery of beating up the car too much, and wondering how worried I need to be about the supposedly fragile oil pan on this car. I've found 2 skid plate options.

      I do have the PP with the VAQ diff.. curious how that will react to dirt. My car is DSG as well.

      The 2018 SCCA rules have changed to allow Stock class cars to run +/- 1" diameter wheels and a front or rear swaybar, which is great - so my G-Street autocross-legal car can run in SF for rallycross.

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    3. 08-12-2019 11:27 PM #2
      I’ve done Rally with my 17 PP DSG.

      Disconnect the front bar and run 17 inch snow tires.

      In stock form, the GTI is a better rally car, than autocross car, IMHO.

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