- Anyone have real Rear Sway Bar Commentary/Race review (mk4 chassis)
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    1. 01-09-2018 10:39 AM #1
      We've been running our 2000 Jetta in AER now for 3 years, and finally got to the point where we ended up literally breaking the beam in the back.

      Car has always had a Black Forest Bar (which always broke, thankfully the hardware didn't come loose and let it fall out). We eventually designed our own rear 'toe control' setup for the back which helped tremendously, however now we're looking into alternator rear sway bar options.

      Obviously there seems to be the three styles, the fixed style that bolts to the shock bolts and clamps bar, the end link style which still clamps bar, and then the drill and fill in beam bars.

      IMO the Shine Auto bar does seem to the 'best' option to run (most secure, and most stiff) however are there any downfalls to the clamp style? In my experience we used to have bad luck with the clamp style on our B14 Sentras as they'd come loose even in an HPDE day

      Just looking for opinions/insight on what everyone else runs.

      Application: endurance racing (20 hours a weekend) 2000 Jetta
      2000 Jetta Race Car / American Endurance Racing
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      02-11-2018 09:50 PM #2
      I'd agree with the Shine looking to be the most proper. I'm about to pull the trigger on it myself, so quite curious what others have to say about it
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      02-26-2018 04:42 PM #3
      I've used the "California" style clamp on bars for years without issues, but not enduro, and a much lighter mk2...

      Last fall I tried running with just the stiffer OEM beam (Mk2 GTI with bar integrated into the beam, vs. Mk2 Golf with no bar), and it worked well.
      I'm going to try with the softer Golf version next.
      I like the idea of letting the springs/shocks manage weight transfer, and roll resistance, so I don't sacrifice droop travel on the inside tire.

      I also ran the stock GLI front bar for a long time, and pulled that off and went higher in spring rates with good results.
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