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    Thread: Urs6 coilovers

    1. 01-01-2018 12:08 PM #1
      Hello all
      I’m after some urs6 coil overs as my h&r 29800 springs just not giving me the satisfying height .
      As I was searching the net I found this
      In the descriptions it states that it will fit c4 s6
      Is anyone on here running these currently on there Urs4/6 ? Will it fit on the North American models ?
      The price is very appealing compared to 2b or kw
      Any info would be appreciated

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    3. Member JettaGLi16v's Avatar
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      Mar 6th, 1999
      2003 RS6 4.2tt, 81 Caddy Diesel 1.9AAZ TD, 78 camper bus 2.0.
      02-10-2018 02:46 PM #2
      I have never heard of that company, and they look fairly cheap.

      I'm 90% of the way through assembling a set of DIY coilovers per this thread:

      Bilstein sports F&R, Eibach coilover springs, and generic parts & fittings.
      The one decent upgrade I added were the Thuppu camber plates. You can find him on the s2forum.

      Also, if you are going a good bit lower than the standard 1-2" drop, you'll want to customize your front strut housings.
      I'm on H&R "race" springs from ECS, and I can already see my tie rods are a bit higher than parallel with the ground.
      Since I want to be able to lower it a good bit more (to tuck the tires), I lowered the steering arms on the strut housings to restore proper steering geometry.

      Rear coilovers are easy to assemble. The fronts take a little more doing.

      Good luck!

    4. 03-02-2018 02:49 PM #3
      Do you have any images of the S6 you could show on the race springs?

      Im in the market for an S6, he already says he has H&R's on there, but the ride height still isnt where I want it. Was thinking I could swap out the ones for race springs to go lower, but not sure if its going to get low enough.

      Let me know, thanks!

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