- CarPlay and Bluetooth completely stopped working in my 2017 GTI
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    1. 12-18-2017 06:29 PM #1
      I took my car to the dealer and they spent hours trying to figure it with no luck. They said they had never seen anything like this before. CarPlay has worked fine (connected via lightning cable to an apple phone) for the 11 months I've had the car, then suddenly a week or two ago it stopped working. If I press the Voice button on the console, it says it needs an activation key. If you go into App-Connect, the specific wording is "You can activate the function by buying an activation key from your dealer" - I'm only interested in getting CarPlay working, not stuff. They reset the radio, unplugged the battery, still the same thing. When going through the setup wizard - when you get to bluetooth pairing, it never shows up on my phone as a device to pair to.

      Has anyone experienced anything like this before? I'm assuming this will be covered under warranty (bought the car in January of this year)

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    3. n00b
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      11-11-2019 05:38 PM #2
      I have the exact same problem (except on android) with my 2017 GTI Sport. Did you ever find a solution? Bluetooth is gone completely and activation message when clicking App-Connect. Not yet contacted the dealership.

      You can activate the function by buying an activation key from your dealer.

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