- 2006 GLI MK5 Jetta Dyno
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    1. 11-14-2017 09:49 PM #1
      Still a work in progress but the car currently has an Intergrated Engineering Manifold, 42 Draft design 3 inch downpipe,HPFP with IE internals, KN Typhoon Intake, ECS tuning underdrive pulley, R intercooler, stock injectors on a CRZA engine that was swapped in. The tune was done by auto union tuning in Huntington Beach, CA using eurodyne. Let me know what you think about the numbers. Sorry for the double post. What else can i do to increase power. Thanks in advance

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    3. 11-15-2017 04:51 AM #2
      sorry frankenturbo as well

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