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      11-05-2017 07:36 PM #1
      No, not pics of cars on fire.
      Nothing stolen.

      Yes I know we have a die-cast forum, but there’s more traffic on a Pyongyang toll road.

      Mattel has been introducing some interesting stuff. From 60/70s muscle to 80/90s tuners. Now samplings from VAG, Magnus Walker, etc. I can’t leave a Target with at least $10 in Hot Wheels (usually buying duplicates for my son.)

      When I was in OH last week, the local Wally World had a bin full of these Lamborghini specific ones, $.97 each. I picked up three lots of them and I see them on eBay for $25 a lot.

      But it’s a shame really because they end up here. Yes all those boxes/totes are filled. I have a disease.

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      2013 Passat SEL Premium Dieselgate

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