- What mileage is on your 1.8t?
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    1. 03-01-2020 09:07 PM #51
      Quote Originally Posted by Burnley421 View Post
      I'm at about 210K miles now on my 2014 Jetta SE 1.8T

      Oil changes regularly between 5K and 8K miles.
      Spark plugs changed twice.

      Only issue that has developed is a Turbo Underboost code, which only presents itself when its cold outside (below 35*F) Warmer than that and it boosts normally with no problem. Monitoring the live data from OBDeleven, the requested boost is only few PSI off from the requested boost, and builds slowly. Only in cold weather though. When it's warmer out, it builds boost and holds it at the requested level no problem. This issue only started this winter, when the car reached 200K miles. It's probably the wastegate flapper wearing out on the turbo. I'll continue to run it as is until it gets worse though.
      How is your suspension holding up? I'm at 90k and have cupping on my tires. Some say it's due to worn struts/shocks.

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    3. Member Mr. Spade's Avatar
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      Aug 17th, 2016
      Sunrise, FL
      2014 Jetta 1.8T 5MT
      03-05-2020 03:46 PM #52
      1.8T 5MT Jetta

      94,500 Miles. Bought CPO at 36,500.

      Have done oil changes every 10K

      Haven't done spark plugs

      JB4 tuned since 49K

      Stock everything other than air filter, shocks, springs.

    4. Junior Member jurotek's Avatar
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      Sep 30th, 2015
      Northern Nevada
      2015 Golf 2dr HB Man TSI S 5MT
      03-06-2020 08:55 AM #53
      Purchased on Sept, 2015
      40K miles as of yesterday with 0 issues so far.
      Oil changes every 5K miles ST 0W-20 HM and WIX WL10024 oil filter.
      Only mods, VWR springs, dog bone and Afe Dry air filter.
      Average MPG Extended period 47.3 MPG on 87 clear gas from Maverik.

    5. Member DrivingPassion's Avatar
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      May 15th, 2009
      French Canadian Country
      2017 Expedition Max LTD, 2015 VW Jetta 1.8tsi 5spd
      03-16-2020 09:06 AM #54
      I'm at 165000km right now on my 2015 ( bought new in March 2016) Highline 1.8 5spd. Neuspeed module, H&R springs since new. I added other mods since.

      I had to change a front bearing at 159000km before making a Québec - Florida - Québec road trip with the wife and kids. Other than that, perfect.
      " If your not breaking parts, your just not trying hard enough to win!"

      Colin McRae, R.I.P

    6. 03-19-2020 04:14 PM #55
      Quote Originally Posted by gofastGTI View Post
      How is your suspension holding up? I'm at 90k and have cupping on my tires. Some say it's due to worn struts/shocks.
      I've replaced one rear wheel bearing (at like 150K-ish I think). Other than that, no known issues. I have noticed the last few months that the ride is a little soft and borderline unstable in hard turns, but I have my steelies with plus-sized snow tires on right now (205/60/16 vs the oem size 205/55/16). So I'm not really sure if what I'm feeling is from the beefier tire sidewall flexing more, or if I need struts and shocks. I wouldn't be surprised if I did. I'll know in a week or two when I switch back to my non-winter wheels and tires.

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