Like the title states. We adopted a GSD about 4 months ago and its all about keeping her active and stimulated physically and mentally. She gets a little nutty if we don't. She gets two good walks a day and the occasional playdate with the Dobie next door (only nearby dog that can match her play style, best described as "aggressive"). She also has lots of toys, including puzzle games, and an antler to chew on. But she LOOOOOOOOOOOVES plushies. Her prey drive is very high and so anything that simulates a small animal to kill is just the best. But even the Kong branded toys get shredded after a few hours. She has a couple of Kong Wubbas that are covered in cordura-like fabric that hold up, and a squeaky snake made from an industrial firehose that she still manages to put holes in, but those aren't cuddley and don't satisfy like Sammy the Squirrel or Robbie the Raccoon would.