- So i bought a fake Jeep....
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    1. Member Stangy's Avatar
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      09-17-2017 01:19 PM #1
      So after selling the Fiesta ST i wanted to get into something a bit larger and more capable. With the list of toys growing at the cottage and the 6-7 frustrating "how the heck am i stuck in 1cm of snow" instances, i decided to start my search for a Jeep. Ends up that i couldn't find a Rubicon that wasent in terrible shape, modified or beat to a pulp- nor was i willing pay the Rubicon tax. Regardless, i began hunting for an FJ after hearing people rave about them. I feel in love with it's weird shape and funky layout!

      What i did find is that the FJ also carried the "cult tax" and that they were surprisingly the #1 vehicle in holding its resale value. Long story short- found a 2007 FJ (C-Package/Offroad package)with 110,000 miles (180km roughly) in incredible shape, full records and 1 owner for roughly 11k usd. During my search, i also found some 07-09 examples with 4-600,000km, still going for a pretty penny that's insane. Regardless, i am hoping to keep this one for a bit- and hopefully when i am tired of it i can claw back a good chunk of what i paid.


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      09-19-2017 09:08 AM #2
      From what I've heard, just like Jeeps, they're very capable right out of the box.

      Great colour combo, way better than the porta-potty edition.
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      11-14-2017 10:42 AM #3
      I love these things.
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      11-14-2017 10:11 PM #4
      Quote Originally Posted by prasina2 View Post
      I thought the steps were:
      1. Buy car you're unfamiliar with 2. Buy turbo, having no knowledge of turbos or cars 3. Buy bolts and bolt on turbo 4. Tow-truck drivers and mechanics profit.
      Did I miss anything?

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