- Need some help with my mk2 vr6Turbo
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    1. Junior Member
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      Mar 17th, 2017
      06-14-2017 08:20 PM #1
      Just got this beautiful short intake manifold from MigFab, radiator fits without the fans. Any suggestions how to squeeze some fans in there?

      Thanks in advance.

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    3. Semi-n00b
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      Feb 20th, 2018
      Albuquerque New Mexico
      95 Audi A4, MK4 Jetta VR6, Dodge Dakota
      03-13-2018 04:56 PM #2
      Put the fan on the outside and switch polarity on the power leads or buy a fan that is designed to pull air from the out side and push it into the engine bay. It is not an uncommon practice might need to fabricate a mounting bracket or use zip ties just a suggestion.

      Good Luck

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