Made this with an iPhone and a few apps back in 2015.
The cemetery is divided into 70 sections, each being slightly conflict based. Section 60 is where I spent most of the day. There, lay the remains of those who were killed during the GWOT.
On Memorial Day weekend, many of the family's come from all over the country to visit their fallen sons/daughters, husbands/wives, brothers/sisters, grandsons/granddaughters. Most pack a chair and just sit there, drinking a cold one with no one. Truly an intense time period to see the cemetery. Pictured above is the extortion 17 burial site for the 31 men who were killed on 6-August 2011, most of which were assigned to Naval Special Warfare Development Group.
The final scene was a wreath laying by the great grand children of a Vietnam era soldier still missing in action.

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