- TyrolSport Harness Bars now available for Mk5/6!
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    1. Former Advertiser
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      Mar 4th, 1999
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      Mk6 GolfR, Q7 4.2, G60 Corrado, 5.0 Fox, '55 Roadmaster, R52 JCW
      05-16-2017 03:09 PM #1
      TyrolSport is proud to announce the official release of our harness bar system for MK5/6

      The TyrolSport harness bar is designed to safely secure your 4 point race harness system for HPDE and AutoX events*. Continuing our goal to bring top quality track-oriented products to the marketplace,

      this VW and Audi-specific, bolt-in solution to mount your harnesses in the only tailored harness bar solution currently available for the Mk5/6 chassis. This has bar has been extensively tested

      on the Tyrolsport Time Trial GolfR.

      Fits: VW/Audi MK5/MK6 (A3, Golf/GTI/R/Jetta)

      The Harness Bar can be installed and removed in minutes with simple tools, with no cutting or fabrication. The ease of install and removal allows the end-user to retain all interior components

      and use the rear seat as necessary, while improving the rigidity of the vehicle.

      The 9-piece system features a height adjustable, steel mounting plate that replaces the plastic factory seat belt slider. This plate is unique in the marketplace, and is designed specifically for the Mk5/6 chassis.

      It bolts right into the factory B-pillar, and allows the factory three point belts to be retained and utlized when the harness bar is removed.


      Fits 2 and 4 door models

      Mild Steel 1.5” DOM tubing

      All TIG welds for superior strength

      Specifically designed for your VW/Audi, direct bolt-in fit with no cutting/welding of any metal(OEM B-pillar trim must be modified to be reinstalled)

      Integrated belt stays

      Stainless steel and coated black oxide fasteners

      Black Wrinkle Powder Coated

      100% US Engineering and Production

      Link to purchase:

      Harness bars in stock, and ready to ship. No waiting.

      *Harness bars are approved by most track sanctioning bodies, but please be sure to check with your preferred organization for compliance.

      Safety Note
      Participating in any form of Motorsport is dangerous. This product is designed solely for off road use. Any other use of this product is not recommended and can result in serious injury or death.
      Tyrolsport is not responsible for any misuse or incorrect installation of this product.

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    3. Former Advertiser
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      Mar 4th, 1999
      New Yawk
      Mk6 GolfR, Q7 4.2, G60 Corrado, 5.0 Fox, '55 Roadmaster, R52 JCW
      05-17-2017 02:31 PM #2
      We received a bunch of emails asking about the B-pillar trim and whether it could be reinstalled with the Harness Bar in place. The answer is yes.

      Here is a picture of the B-Pillar from the side. The seatbelt height is adjustable on the bracket provided;

      Here is the view from the rear. In this photo we trimmed way more than was necessary, as we were testing various configurations during the R&D process. It can be trimmed much closer than this if necessary;

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