A very close 35-year-old female work colleague is diagnosed with hemifacial microsomia (a condition in which the lower half of one side of the face is underdeveloped and does not grow normally. It is sometimes also referred to as first and second brachial arch syndrome, oral-mandibular-auricular syndrome, lateral facial dysplasia, or otomandibular dysostosis) has this congenital disease. In other words, she was born with a the lower right portion of her face somewhat disfigured. Since that time, she has undergone NUMEROUS operations to make the face symmetrical, but is remains slightly off. While I don't have any pics, she is absolutely gorgeous.

As a result of this condition, she has become mistrustful, lacks confidence, and has an extremely poor sense of self-esteem, despite having had several boyfriends in the past (no fiancee/marriage/kids).

She trusts me, and I suspect (though never confirmed) a crush. As a neuropsychologist, I always try to advise her against this extreme level of self criticalness she has towards herself. She always assumes the first thing people recognize about her is this minor facial thing, which in my opinion, is unlikely.

I reached my limits with what I can say to help. Plastic surgery always remains an option, but it will only be a temporary fix till she feel she needs another one to look "normal."

We all have our issues (mine being psoriasis), but typically not facial. Please, can any of you offer some wisdom, advise, anything to help me reach this 36-year-old girl that she indeed is more beautiful than she believes. Dating her is out of question, cause I have family/kids, but nonetheless sent her flowers, cause all the other girls would be getting them, and didn't want her to feel out of place.

Thank you in advance!

Several examples of hemifacial microsomnia (also affecting bottom right, post surgery, and not my work colleague):