- Harness lap belt question, MKIV chassis
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    1. Member baun's Avatar
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      01-19-2017 11:05 AM #1
      I'm doing a track event in April and doing my best to go over the car and check everything to make sure I make it through tech. Ive done prior track days and didn't have an issue with tech but it wasn't the most thorough tech to be honest. The one Im doing in April seems a bit more strict. My question is when it come to mounting the lap belt. In the driver seat the left part of the lap belt I have bolt in at the factory belt location. No problem there. On the right side lap belt there is no "factory" mounting location since the buckle portion on the stock sets/belt is built into the seat. Currently I have the right side bolted to the Sparco seat base. It has the tab for it. I read that everything has to be to the chassis. Is it ok like this? I have to order new harnesses since mine expired last year and want to make sure I order the right style and have everything set for tech. Thanks

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      01-29-2017 12:47 PM #2
      The idea is that if the seat breaks partially free for any reason, the harness still has a chance of preventing you from becoming one with the firewall. If in doubt after reading any rulebook as to safety issues, best bet is always to ask an experienced tech inspector for your particular sanctioning body. If the seat base itself is safety rated and/or solidly mounted to the chassis, mounting the belt there might be acceptable. On the other hand, mounting directly to the chassis, or better yet to a solidly attached roll cage, is generally considered safest and likely to be strictly enforced. It's ultimately up to your tech inspector, though.
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