- How old were you when you started skiing/snowboarding?
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      02-13-2020 10:25 AM #26
      Quote Originally Posted by Cooper View Post
      Same here. We moved to CT in 1965. Yup: leather lace boots, wood skis, and cable bindings.
      From 1967. Faski-brand paint-on bottoms in the days before P-Tex. Before snowmaking, you'd wear the base off hitting things. It was a big deal the first time I got buckle boots. As a little kid, all my equipment was from the used pile in the basement of the local ski shop. I was probably in 5th grade before I ever had new gear. Cubco bindings which were awful. The slightest shock and they'd release. Then Look-Nevada bindings with the turntable heel or a bunch of year. The clothing was really awful. Life before Gore Tex and Polartec.

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      02-15-2020 12:35 PM #27
      Late 30s for me and my fiancee started 7 yrs ago, now we are both really to tackle single black. Plan on skiing until the day our hearts stop working, lol. Love sking midweek! Came back from 2 days Vermont trip on smugglers notch and sugarbush, blue bird day yesterday.

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