- VW vortex / Patagonia?
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    1. Junior Member rich2002tii's Avatar
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      May 2nd, 2015
      2012 TR Golf R
      01-03-2017 02:56 PM #1
      Can someone organize a group buy of a Patagonia pull-over with vwvortex logo?

      The minimum order is 50 units, so we need a couple people on board. Thanks

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    3. Member George Bluth's Avatar
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      Jun 28th, 2016
      01-04-2017 11:29 AM #2
      This is funny. My college sailing team was sponsored by Patagonia.

      This is car forum full of nerds and racist farts. This won't happen.
      Quote Originally Posted by Cameron1152 View Post
      lol a vw 1.8t will put down 201/194 with a cranked wastegate and open exhaust after cat.
      Quote Originally Posted by Cameron1152 View Post
      a 35000 dollar civic (and average dealer markup is in the 14k range right now) getting **** on in every way by a 02 jetta is a big deal.. for 35k I can buy a golf r and have more power, more torque, better interior, better engine (more tested) AWD, and not pay 14k in markup.

    4. I need new ones NeverEnoughCars's Avatar
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      Aug 2nd, 2013
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      01-04-2017 12:45 PM #3
      Why would you want a pullover?
      Quote Originally Posted by Turbio! View Post
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