- The great KE-Jetronic mystery!
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      Jan 31st, 2001
      08-17-2018 11:17 AM #26
      You have a great attitude towards your journey. You did a lot of testing that helped you go towards your issue. Even some of the tests that did not give you the results you wanted, those test will help you in the future about most any fuel injected car [CIS or EFI].


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      Feb 5th, 2006
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      02-17-2019 06:52 PM #27
      Ok I can tell you from my experience and having almost the same issue and doing just about everything you’ve done. I found that my fuel distributor is bad it was leaking internally causing all of my issues. If you’ve got a spare I would throw that in and see if that fixes the issue but make sure it is exactly the same as the one you have because they’re not all the same good luck

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