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    Thread: help!

    1. 12-07-2016 04:49 PM #1
      2000 a8

      windshield washers do not work.
      I cannot hear the pump when I engage the washers.

      I tried to check the fuse but I am unable to find the corresponding fuse.

      any help would be greatly appreciated!

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      Jan 28th, 2004
      San Diego, CA
      2004 A4 2.0T Avant
      05-12-2017 05:54 PM #2
      So since I was doing a timing belt over the last few days...I swapped it in

      if it is the pump.

      Remove the front bumper
      this will give you direct view of the pump..its the one most lateral (closest to the fender) and just pop the old out and new in

      I had a little hic up...the new pump had a different style went to a junk yard and out a female plug from an C5 A6. Cut off the old connection and soldered the new one.

      Had to trim a little from the plug on the pump because it had a little lip with a knife and put everything back together.

      I got this one

      you can barely see the lip in this picture
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