- Upgrade Sub in my Audi S3 B&O system Hertz sub and Audison amp video walk through
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      02-01-2017 05:30 PM #26
      Quote Originally Posted by 949 View Post
      I have seen something from JL Audio called the TwK and FiX.
      these different units are supposed to strip the oem signals and allow then to be processed. I don't know if they work on the audi system but its another options that S3 owners can look into.


      FIX-82 AND FIX-86

      OEM Integration

      Turn OEM challenges into aftermarket dream systems with JL Audio OEM Integration products.

      Factory (OEM) head-units have evolved into fully integrated entertainment hubs, typically interconnected with supplementary vehicle controls, safety system displays and other critical vehicle functions. The days of “replacing the radio” are long-gone, and instead, we are required to work with the vehicle’s source unit. We saw this trend emerging over a decade ago, and we introduced the world’s first auto-correcting DSP OEM interface, the Cleansweep CL441dsp in 2004, establishing a new product category.

      Since then, our commitment to creating advanced OEM integration products has only intensified. Today’s JL Audio FiX™ line of OEM Integration DSPs is incredibly advanced, and fully armed to deal with the challenges presented by today’s factory audio systems. FiX™ DSPs are purpose-engineered to connect to complex factory audio systems, without interfering with vehicle functionality, safety or reliability.

      Equipped with a powerful 24-bit DSP, with proprietary programming and correction algorithms. FiX™ combines the functions of a powerful audio analyzer, line output converter, digital delay, signal-summing preamplifier and multiple 30-band equalizers. These functional blocks are programmed to measure multiple factory audio signals, level match them, correct any delay, sum them, and then equalize them for flat response. All of this happens automatically, with the press of a button. The results are clean, flat audio signals you can build your dream system around.

      No other OEM integration product does what FiX™ can do.

      TWK-88 AND TWK-D8

      System Tuning

      Unleash the power of DSP to tune your system like never before!

      Armed with a 24-bit digital signal processor, our TwK™ System Tuning DSPs deliver exceptional system tuning functionality and flexibility. Both TwK™ models feature eight channels of crystal-clear audio outputs. An unprocessed, optical (Toslink) digital output is also included, so you can expand a system with additional TwK™ DSPs. The included DRC-200 Digital Remote Controller adds additional control and status reporting capabilities from the driver’s seat.

      To control the tuning horsepower of the TwK™ DSP, connect a PC via USB, running our TüN™ DSP Control Software. TüN’s intuitive Project Setup Tool provides you with simple, menu-based selections to choose from three Project Levels (Basic, Advanced and Expert), and multiple input and output configurations. Once set up, you have full access to a wide selection of EQ, Crossover, Delay and Level adjustments to precisely achieve your desired audio results

      Whether you’re an audio beginner, passionate enthusiast or audiophile, TwK™ DSPs are built to put the power of system tuning in your hands!
      I plan to get the JL Audio Hd 600/4 installed onto the oem B&O system and my installer recommended this when using factory head unit.
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    3. 01-20-2019 02:44 AM #27
      hey guys, new item on the market that will give you a clean output with all the channels for any amp you want to install.
      it will delete your need to for the stock amp.
      its all plug and play and totally reverse-able.

      its not an amp it self but you disconnect your amp and plug the cable directly to this unit and it creates a bridge for you amps with clean output. its freakn awesome.

      well worth the price tag.

      its called the zen-v.

      The ZEN-V allows the seamless addition of aftermarket amplifiers into compatible vehicles, delivering audiophile-quality sound without compromising the vehicle’s factory fit, finish or features.

      Utilizing the same processing power as NAV-TV’s competition proven M650-GM, the ZEN-V produces a completely flat audio output without any factory time delay or equalization, eliminating the need for summing devices, an audio correction DSP or the removal of the factory audio compensation microphones. Installation of the interface requires no modification to the vehicle and is compatible with both amplified and non amplified factory systems[1]. Volume, Fade[3], Balance and Bass/Treble tone controls are retained through the factory radio and echo cancelation for the factory Bluetooth hands-free system is supported.

      Utilizing a 128 bit floating point DSP and 192 kHz 32 bit DAC, the ZEN-V produces a 12 channel analog output with a S/N Ratio of 112dB. For vehicles with video playback capability, the ZEN-V supports 7.1 and 5.1 audio[2]. The unit provides a 500mA output for controlling aftermarket devices and, additionally, retains the factory equalizer.

      For use with 3rd party digital sound processors[3], the ZEN-V includes a variable TOSlink digital output which may be used simultaneously with the analog outputs, or by itself. The variable digital output allows for the system volume to be controlled via the factory radio and steering wheel controls without the need to access any 3rd party controller.

      The ZEN-V currently supports the following vehicle infotainment platforms:

      Audi with MIB2

      Porsche with PCM4.0 & PCM4.1

      Bentley with MIB2

      For ease of use, the ZEN-V is configurable through dip switch settings. User selectable features of the ZEN-V are:

      Optional time alignment to driver
      Full scale audio or -12dB attenuation
      7.1 downmix to stereo on TOSlink or TOSlink mapped to the front outputs
      Loudness on or off
      Vehicle selection for Audi, Porsche, Bentley or VW
      Enables factory subwoofer control (Audi and Bentley)

      Model Year Range Version Radio Notes
      Audi/A3 2015-2019 USA, Rest of World, Europe AUDI MIB, MIB HS, MIB2
      Audi/A4 2017-2019 USA, Rest of World, Europe AUDI MIB, MIB HS, MIB2
      Audi/A5 2017-2018 USA, Rest of World, Europe AUDI MIB, MIB HS, MIB2
      Audi/A6 2017-2018 USA, Rest of World, Europe AUDI MIB, MIB HS, MIB2
      Audi/A7 2017-2018 USA, Rest of World, Europe AUDI MIB, MIB HS, MIB2
      Audi/A8 2017-2018 USA, Rest of World, Europe AUDI MIB, MIB HS, MIB2
      Audi/Q3 2015-2017 USA, Rest of World, Europe AUDI MIB, MIB HS, MIB2
      Audi/Q5 2018-2018 USA, Rest of World, Europe AUDI MIB, MIB HS, MIB2
      Audi/Q7 2017-2019 USA, Rest of World, Europe AUDI MIB, MIB HS, MIB2
      Audi/R8 2017-2019 USA, Rest of World, Europe AUDI MIB, MIB HS, MIB2
      Audi/S3 2015-2018 USA, Rest of World, Europe AUDI MIB, MIB HS, MIB2
      Audi/S4 2017-2018 USA, Rest of World, Europe AUDI MIB, MIB HS, MIB2
      Audi/S5 2017-2018 USA, Rest of World, Europe AUDI MIB, MIB HS, MIB2
      Audi/S6 2017-2018 USA, Rest of World, Europe AUDI MIB, MIB HS, MIB2
      Audi/S7 2017-2018 USA, Rest of World, Europe AUDI MIB, MIB HS, MIB2
      Audi/TT 2016-2019 USA, Rest of World, Europe AUDI MIB, MIB HS, MIB2
      Bentley/Bentayga 2017-2017 USA, Rest of World, Europe Bentayga MIB II
      Porsche/911 Carrera 2017-2019 USA, Rest of World, Europe PCM4 / PCM4.1
      Porsche/Boxster 2017-2019 USA, Rest of World, Europe PCM4 / PCM4.1
      Porsche/Cayman 2017-2018 USA, Rest of World, Europe PCM4 / PCM4.1
      Porsche/Macan 2017-2019 USA, Rest of World, Europe PCM4 / PCM4.1
      Porsche/Panamera 2017-2019 USA, Rest of World, Europe PCM4 / PCM4.1
      Volkswagen/Any 2017-2019 USA, Rest of World, Europe VW MIB, MIB2 with MOST plug

      when its time to do the upgrade i plan on buying this. there are cheaper but more a hastle work around but it wont be clean i do believe in supporting businesses that come up with great mods.

    4. 02-08-2019 10:20 AM #28
      Just wanted to say thank you Trade-N-Games for your you tube video. It was incredibly helpful. I recently completed my subwoofer upgrade although I added a single 12" in a sealed enclosure after sound deadening the car. The wiring from the subwoofer you put on the video was a life saver. Also, I used a JlAudio LOC-22 for my line out converter which worked great. Just an FYI, it helps to set the gains of the amp and the gain of the LOC together as the 8volts or whatever it is you use, may not match up correctly with the amplifier. Basically, I had to get the voltage fairly close to what I wanted via voltage (RMS wattage for the sub), but below that level, and then dial in the gain for a more "specified" voltage increase.

      Also, I am working on changing this as it seems editable, but the current crossovers on the 2015 Audi A3 8V B&O systems are set as follows: Highs 6K Hz, Mids 800 Hz, Lows 100 Hz

      Lastly, when dialing in the gain, I had the "SUBWOOFER" setting in MMI at max so that it could be lowered or raised depending on what I wanted.

      Thanks Again

    5. 02-11-2019 11:29 PM #29
      Thanks again to Trade-in-Games w/o whom's post would have made this task much more difficult. Also, all of my downloads from Audi (Repair and Service Manuals) from erwin. Take my advice if you are a DIYer. Go and spend $35 for a 24 hour access and download everything you can for the VIN of your car. It will save you a ton of money in mistakes and time working on your car.
      HTML Code:
      I installed a Dayton HO DVC 12" subwoofer in a sealed MDF enclosure. It was a prefab, but matched Bassbox 6 Pro almost exactly. Its powered by a Kappa K1000 set via voltage to a close 700 RMS watts. If your car has the B&O system, then your electrical output from the alternator, should be more than enough, but I already had a T-Spec V12 capacitor so I went ahead and included it. Capacitors are a great way to smooth out the power signal that your amplifier receives. Many say capacitors are pointless, but that is just untrue. Smoothing capacitors are used in circuits all of the time and an Audi's unibody frame is alot like a huge circuit board if you think about it. Anyways, as you can see, I also used a lot of sound deading material which I highly recommended. I used Noico, which is probably the best butyl based deadener you can get for the money. NVX is also a good affordable choice.

      With the added subwoofer, the system sounds amazing. I plan on changing the crossover frequency settings from B&O to move a little more of the bass/ midbass over to the sub from the other woofers. The current B&O crossover settings are at 100hz, 800hz, and 6000hz. It took me about 2 1/2 days so it is a pretty intensive weekend project, but the rewards are outstanding. Please feel free to comment or PM me with any questions you might have.

      Thanks Again Trade-in-Games.

    6. 02-18-2019 03:27 AM #30
      Thank you Trade-n-Games. Specifically for the description of the subwoofer signal wires. Its much easier to test them to make sure they are correct, then rediscover them. I updated my sub with an actual trunk enclosed sub. I decided that a sub box on the bottom of the rear shelf would take up just as much space as a subwoofer on the trunk floor. I added a 700RMS Dayton ho dvc 12" subwoofer with a K1000 infinity amplifier that received its signal from a JL Audio LOC-22. All in all I think it turned out awesome. The bass is perfect, but I ended up having to use about 800RMS as I would not go any lower then 2 volts on the signal gain and with the gain all the way down on the amp, I ended up with about 800watts. The LOC would go up to 8 volts, but even with that all the way down the amp was pushing well over 1000watts at 2 ohms (crazy).

      I used Noico butyl based noise deadener in the entire trunk, lid, under rear seat, and rear shelf. The deadener definitly took some time to put in, but it was well worth it. There is no rattling outside of the car at all. I still have yet to do the doors, which due to the BO 8" front woofers, rattle like crazy on the passenger side. I am now looking to replace some of the B&O speakers since I believe I am loosing a great deal of detail in the midrange area. From research, specs, and looks, I think the 5 midranges are 3" faitalpro woofers. I will attempt to attach a picture of this drivers specs, if it lets me attach anything.

      I have also attached pictures of my install reviews. I think a main problem with a trunk enclosure is how to hold the enclosure in place. My solution was to utilize a 2" wide, shorter ratcheting tie down w/ rubber bumpers on the front of the box. Aside for sum difficulty determining a good bumper distance, I think it worked out perfectly. The subwoofer doesn't budge from its position. I also allowed the BO subwoofer hole open to help pass as much moving air through the car as possible to avoid any issues with the subwoofer being in the trunk. I will also try to add pictures of the factory pancake if possible. Hopefully these pics insert, but if not here are the urls:

      Thanks again TNG

    7. 02-25-2019 02:04 AM #31
      great to see some photos. do you have photos of the top of the deck removed and back seats removed too?

    8. 03-27-2019 04:47 PM #32
      I am super glad people can use my video to help them still. I sold the S3 last year so no more updates. I might be getting a New Jetta GLI or Arteon and start a new build. Would love RS3 but to much $

    9. Junior Member radbaldguy's Avatar
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      04-03-2019 01:15 PM #33
      Thanks for the updates, guys, I really appreciate the ongoing interest in upgrading the B&A system (particularly the sub).

      949, thanks for linking the MOST bridge -- I had been waiting for one to come out that was compatible but I'm a little disappointed that there's not an option to keep the factory amp and pull out a clean signal. I'm not really interested yet in replacing the factory amp for the other channels but would love to have a clean out for the sub channel that doesn't go through the factory amp.

      jackal28, I'd be interested to know more about where you're seeing that you can edit the crossover settings for the factory B&O. Is this in VAG-COM or elsewhere (I don't think there's anything in the MMI menus). This is one of the reasons I haven't put in a better sub yet, so if I could solve it, I'd probably make the move.

      I agree overall with the need for sound deadening -- even with the factory sub, it helps a LOT. I covered the rear deck and a few other spots and the improvement was immense. I'd love to do the door panels when I've got more time.

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