So my car devolved a gurgling noice not over heating or no oil coolent mix
Took to the garage and they said it failed a hg test so the gasket Cambelt water pump bolts ect and head skimmed and tested was done
I ordered a few parts from euro car parts to save money hg set Cambelt kit water pump plugs and oil £230 got the car back and after driving home I noticed black oil in the coolent drained the coolent and it was brown from red I've done a flush and still as black bits in but not as bad
Informed the garage there response this is why we don't use euro parts hg there cheap and **** it might have to come back in
Now there head gasket has good reviews I later found out the gurgling water flowing sound could be the after run pump I'm wondering if the hg needed doing in the 1st place and why am I now getting oil in my collect