- Any Web Designers that can give me some pointers?
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    1. Member ss94's Avatar
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      Nov 16th, 2011
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      08-15-2016 03:20 AM #1
      My history in web design spans about 6 years now. I've never had any formal training and constantly pick up new skills as I go.

      Are there any web designers or SEO wizards here that would be able to give me some pointers?

      Basically, I've been working on this website for a little over a month. There are currently about 71 pages with content. Maybe 10-20 or so with a title and a paragraph talking about the page and then a box saying that more info will be coming soon.

      I want to know what you think of my website, and what tips you have to improve upon. Specifically, tips besides filling out all the pages and finishing the photo gallery thumbnail on the home page. Please keep in mind there are some pages and thumbnails that have yet to be completed, but as the website stands right now I think I've done a decent job.

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    3. Member VWestlife's Avatar
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      08-15-2016 03:06 PM #2
      I like it -- clean, simple, fast to load, and it adjusts well to fit different screen sizes. A well-designed site overall.

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