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      08-05-2017 09:43 PM #26
      Quote Originally Posted by Phrost View Post
      Bumping since it's a good topic.

      I used to use Priceline for everything. Could compare it to Expedia/Kayak/etc and it would always be about the same price. Booking a package directly through an airline would also give me that same price.

      One negative thing about packages through a broker (Priceline/etc) is that if you have to change/cancel anything, it goes through them and not the airline/hotel/car directly. I've heard that can be good or bad... My one cancellation through Priceline I did get a refund though
      All I can say about Priceline is that if you're not BIDDING there's no point in using Priceline.
      Quote Originally Posted by BRealistic View Post
      You are in the land of rust and honey.

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      08-16-2017 04:06 AM #27
      I'm fond of travelling and I often search for sales to book tickets and hotels at affordable prices to save money. This year I visited Japan, I've found cheap first class ticket here to Tokyo. Additionally I always read info about particular country or city at tripadvisor.

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      01-24-2019 03:40 PM #28
      These are my top 5:

      Vietnam - Gorgeous country, not as touristy as the rest of Southeast Asia. Highlights included Halong Bay, Sa Pa, and cave exploring in Phong Nga. Beautiful and raw.

      Other areas of Southeast Asia (thailand, cambodia, laos). Thailand was also great but touristy. Laos and Cambodia were cool, but I didn't spend a ton of time in them.

      Eastern Europe - Just so different than other areas. Krakow, Budapest, Prague + Berlin. The thermal spas and ruin bars in Budapest were probably the best part of the trip. Berlin I thought was overrated. Not as much outdoorsy stuff as my other trips though, which makes it difficult to rank.

      Brazil (Rio/ilha grande)+ Igauzu falls - Brazil I think could have been more fun had it not rained 1/2 the time I was there + had terrible food poisoning. Rio itself was mostly a modern city though with just good views. I'm really torn on this one, since I think it -could- have been a better experience, but I'm just not sure. Had a really tough time ranking this one.

      Spain catalan coast (barcelona, valencia, alicante). I thought Barcelona was really overrated. Mediocre beach, touristy city. Architecture was cool, and food was pretty good, but overall I just didn't find the vibe to be what I was looking for.

    5. 01-25-2019 07:51 AM #29
      In the Dominican I can suggest Blue Paradise DR. They organize fantastic exotic vacations. I just returned from my trip to the Dominican Republic and can say that it was probably best vacation I had. Very friendly stuff and beautiful girls made my trip unforgettable.
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    6. 04-12-2019 03:48 AM #30
      booking com, airnb, couchserfing and others

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