- proxes r88 205/55r14 on MK1 rabbit
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    1. 05-16-2016 08:42 PM #1
      Anyone running this tire? Hows the fitment?
      Car is a SM car that gets driven on the street. Dug the car out of "retirement" and looking to get back into the work of things. Been running 195/55r14 victoracers (shows how long its been) but looking to get a little more modern. Need new wheels and tires and those proxes seem nice.
      I don't care about life of the tires. If they last a season then cool. I don't drive it often but I do drive it on the street from time to time.

      Probably buy some revolutions or something in 14x7 or 14x8

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    3. 05-17-2017 07:06 PM #2
      205/55-14 do fit, they're a smidge taller than stock (2-3mm). I used to run them on the street on an 84 GTI - Yokohama AVS intermediates, not the r888.

      I've heard mixed reviews of the r888, frankly. Not sure what to tell you there.

      HOWEVER - if you're going to spend money on wheels for autocrossing, get 13s, or MAYBE 15s. Tire choices in 14 are dwindling.

      Wider is better. The fastest SP VWs are on 13x9 or 10" wheels with 255/40? forget - 13 Hoosiers. There's not much in 13" land that would be a good dual purpose tire, maybe the Toyo RA1.

      If it were me, I'd get a set of 13x8 or wider, and some short/wide A7s. They'll all fit in the back of an A1, along with tools, jack, bicycle & other needed things. I used to drive mine all over the place for autocrosses.



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