- Continental 2006 Key, Sat Nav & Engine warning light, battery charging
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    1. 05-04-2016 07:43 AM #1
      Hi Guys - I'm in the UK and new to the forum.

      I have just bought a Continental 06 and have three questions I hope you can help me with.

      1) The car came with one key - is it possible to buy another one? Bentley advise I have to buy two at a cost of £400
      2) Sat Nav disk is installed but won't allow me to input address
      3) I only intend using the vehicle of a weekend. Would I need to trickle charge the battery? If so How?
      4) The "Engine Management light has just illuminated on the dash. The company I bought the car from say this can happen when the car has been stood in a showroom and they have suggested I run it for a few days and monitor the situation. The car runs fine, but this light does worry me a little

      Hope you can help - good to speak with you all

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      08-17-2016 07:06 PM #2
      My understanding is that the batteries in the car are a weak point. Keeping them charged will tend to avoid 'gremlins'. This may be related to your Engine Management light, but perhaps not. When I park my CGT I plug in 2 battery maintainers, since like you I don't drive it regularly. Yes, it needs 2.

      I'd contact Flying Spares with regards to your key question.

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