- FS: 1987.5 Audi Coupe GT 183k mi.
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      Mar 21st, 2014
      2006 A3 6MT 2.0T
      04-24-2016 12:49 AM #1
      Car is located near Knoxville, Tennessee
      Essentially I bought the car at the beginning of last September as a fun little project, it was fun and it ran and drove. I really didn't know what it was, I just knew it was an Audi and I liked Audis, but once I did some research I decided to try and fix it up. I drove it for the year, and now I'm moving to a new place next year and won't have my luxurious parking accommodations. I know my Craigslist price is higher, but it means a lot to me that the car goes to a good owner, as it seems pretty special and it's had a hard enough life already. It runs and drives fine, but I would want to at least put it on one of those carriers that lift up the front wheels if you're taking it more than1/2 hour away from UT Knoxville. CV axles can be pretty noisy, and exhaust gets pretty loud. Price is seriously obo, as I move out in two weeks and really need it gone before then.
      CL link:
      Quick list of current condition
      • Runs and drives, starts really well
      • Window regulator cable on driver's side has failed, passenger side is fully functional
      • Brand new Fuzion Touring tires, not the best but was all that my local tire shop had in stock when I needed them
      • Several runs up the Tail of the Dragon this year, always a lot of fun
      • Lowered on H&R sport springs
      • Racing fuel cell fitted to trunk: seal on top of fuel cell is bad, so trunk smells of gas if left to sit more than two days. OEM fuel tank is included with purchase. Fuel cell is mounted in bottom of trunk, so there is an auxiliary fuel pump you must turn on with a switch in the driver's side cubbyhole to bump the pressure up to the engine
      • 5-speed manual
      • Digidash works occasionally, but most of the time will flicker on and off. The car was regularly jumpstarted improperly before I got it, so chances are it has been damaged, from what I hear they're decently servicable, though.
      • Front has mismatched color fenders that the owner primered over and then sprayed white. If you wanted to fix the paint it would be best to do a respray of the car
      • 2.3 NG motor
      • Included Bosch distributor cap, rotor, wires, and spark plugs, because the guy I bought it from worked for a distribution center and got them nearly free.

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