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    1. Semi-n00b
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      Mar 18th, 2016
      2010 Passat wagon, 2010 JSW Tdi 6MT
      04-09-2016 12:00 PM #1
      Hello, I'm looking to purchase a 2003 Passat wagon W8, with 6 speed manual and 4-motion with 140,000 miles. The present owner bought car last August 2015 from the second owner, he's asking $6500. Since he has owned all he had to fix was the valve cover gaskets, tires, headlight bulbs, and oil changes. He also said one of the CV boots has a tear in it but has replacement on hand, and the parking brake cables are corroded and don't work, was like that when he purchased and has been just leaving in gear when parking. I've been reading a lot of horror story's in this forum and I'm looking for a push in the right direction from a present W8 owner. There's just something about these cars that makes me want one! Any information will be appreciated, also if anyone knows of a good company to get an extended warranty from I think that would be a good idea. Thanks for your help!

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    3. Junior Member ronnie.colby's Avatar
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      Mar 30th, 2010
      Humboldt County
      '84 Toyota 4x4 xcab TDI, 2004 R32, '05 Acura RL, '15 EcoDiesel 4x4, '06 Sprinter View, Yeti SB66
      08-12-2016 11:47 PM #2
      With special relevance to W8s:

      Passat Flow Chart

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