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    Thread: AWD Jetta mk6

    1. 03-29-2016 07:34 PM #1
      I am planning on converting my jetta mk6 2.5 to 4motion. From what I have gathered I need a 4motion transmission with transfer case, passenger side front axle, drive shaft, center driveshaft bracket, fuel tank, and the entire IRS assembly with haldex, axles, etc. It seems that mk5 r32's, golf R's, a3 Quattro's, tt mk2's are all acceptable donor cars.

      Some of the smaller details are less obvious, however. The haldex connects to the canbus system to receive abs information, but how exactly is it connected to the canbus system, is there already a connecter near there it can plug into? Will the 4motion fuel tank from the donor car fit directly into the jetta, filler neck and all? The transfer case has a bracket that supposedly mounts on to the rear of the engine for support, but will this bracket also mate to the 2.5 engine? I have heard that the 2.5 engine has a fuel return line and the 2.0 did not. Does this mean the fuel pump on the new tank is not compatible, and/or can my original fuel pump be installed in the new tank? The jetta is an inch or so longer than the golf R in wheelbase, so does the driveshaft adjust in length to accommodate this difference? Will the exhaust be able to fit in the space between the K frame and the spare wheel well? Am I correct in thinking that I will need a custom made downpipe to skirt around the driveshaft or is there already a 4motion car with an applicable downpipe that can be substituted in? It appears that the mount that the drive shaft's center bracket must be cut from the tunnel of the donor car and welded onto the tunnel of my car? Are tiguans also acceptable donor vehicles in terms of the shape of its fuel tank and IRS suspension assembly?

      Thanks for the help!

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    3. Member Charles@NGPRacing's Avatar
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      03-30-2016 02:24 PM #2
      For the rear suspension, you're going to need the knuckles/uprights and the rear subframe from an AWD car. Your control arms are all the same otherwise.

      The fuel tank will need to come from an AWD model such as a Golf R or Mk5 R32. I unfortunately don't know about the fuel filler neck fitment since I did my swap on a CC.
      You will need to cut out your existing rear floor pan and replace it with one from an AWD model to fit everything properly.

      There is no direct connection for you to plug into. You will need to make a harness with an 8 pin connector on the Haldex controller side and pin in 6 wires.
      The wires go to a variety of connections under your dash including the CAN-Bus data communications module, brake light switch and others (you'll need the diagram specific to a Mk5/6 for the exact locations).

      For the transfer case bracket, I'm honestly not sure if there is a factory part for this, you might need to have something fabricated since the 2.5L never came with AWD (TTRS maybe?).

      The exhaust stuff is going to need to be custom for both the front (driveshaft clearance) and rear (you'll have axles where the exhaust normally goes).

      You cannot use a Tiguan rear subframe. Despite what most people think, the Tiguan is based on the B6 Passat chassis and uses a slightly different rear differential.
      In regards to this, you will need the rear differential from a matching model (this really depends on which Haldex version you're going for).
      I actually have an AWD Audi rear subframe that would work on your car if you are interested.

      If you've got any other questions, feel free to ask me anytime.
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    4. n00b
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      08-13-2016 02:35 AM #3
      same plan, sub'd

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      01-17-2017 07:49 AM #4
      Hi guys,

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    7. n00b
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      You weren't kidding, it was very interesting

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