In 1967 my wife's folks bought her a Huffy girl's bike. She took it with her when we moved to our first house. We had a garage fire at our second house where I lost the TR-6 and she lost her Huffy bike. I was looking through some B & W photos and found several pictures taken at the same time. I believe they are taken by my wife the day she got the bike, likely just before she turned 14.

I've done a little research and found what I'm looking for seems to be a 1966 or 1967 Huffy bike nearly identical to their model called Camaro. Her bike didn't have the signature Camaro tank between the frame supports, though and must have been another model. I can't find out what that is from information on the internet. The internet is full of their banana seat models from that period, but girl's 26" bike info is rare. I clipped these from the photos.

I'd like to find one and restore it, so the color doesn't matter. Any Huffy experts out there? What am I looking for? Is this a Camaro with the tank removed? She's told me a bunch about the bike, but never mentioned the tank.