This year PCC is be offering a unique Driver's Event for ADVANCED/SOLO Drivers, club racers, and race teams. This event will give participants maximum track exposure of up to four (4) hours per day, advanced class sessions related to high performance driving, and with an option to request an instructor/coach or bring your own individual coach pending approval.

The structure of this event is as follows:

Open to Solo run group students (Run Group 3/Intermediate solos, Run Group 4/Advanced), current Instructors (Run Group 4 & 5/Instructors), and those with a current race license from an approved sports car racing sanctioning organization (e.g. SCCA, NASA, IMSA, etc).
Two (2) run groups that will initially assigned based on estimated car performance/capability or lap times and can be adjusted during the course of the event.
Each group will have a mix of 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute track sessions running alternately (i.e. group 1 session, group 2 session, group 1 session, group 2 session)
Guest experts will offer classroom sessions that participants are welcome to attend that will cover specific topics related to advanced and performance driving skills and techniques. Peter Krause & Mike Levitas are currently scheduled.

Spring Virginia International Raceway Drivers' School