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      02-08-2016 12:17 PM #1
      Here is my [light] coverage from this year's EuroTripper. My first show in FL, and although my car did not make it out (thanks air ride), I still did. Managed to take a few photos.. the rain was really f-ing with me . (Every time I would take my camera out, it would start to rain, so it went back in the bag lol)

      DSC_0406 by Mont Productions, on Flickr

      DSC_0366 by Mont Productions, on Flickr

      DSC_0357 by Mont Productions, on Flickr

      DSC_0358 by Montira Touthong, on Flickr

      Full coverage: Flickr or Mont Productions

      See you guys at EuroJam!

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      02-09-2016 02:32 PM #2
      Mont! Didn't know you moved to Florida.
      I'm not a nice person

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