- A few ET4 Shots
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    Thread: A few ET4 Shots

    1. Member AdamSheikh's Avatar
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      Mar 29th, 2014
      Ft. Lauderdale, FL
      2015 GTI | Autobahn | CSG | DSG | LP | OEM+
      02-07-2016 10:06 PM #1
      Headed over to Euro Tripper in Ft. Myers yesterday with the crew. About 15 of us in convoy from Ft. Lauderdale. Had a blast despite the soggy conditions at the end of the day.

      Here are some of my shots, as well as some improvised rollers taken by a friend, and a sneak attack as I was prepping haha:

      D7K_0116 by Adam Sheikh, on Flickr

      D7K_0124 by Adam Sheikh, on Flickr

      D7K_0172 by Adam Sheikh, on Flickr

      D7K_0186 by Adam Sheikh, on Flickr

      D7K_0179 by Adam Sheikh, on Flickr
      2015 GTI | Autobahn | CSG | DSG | LP | OEM+ | MTM | Delivered June 2, 2014

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      A D A M S H E I K H . C O M

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      04-28-2016 12:50 PM #3
      Quote Originally Posted by AdamSheikh View Post

      Audi wheels ?
      S&P Automotive mk1 #ProjectMonsterCabby
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