- 2014 Mk6 GTI - wheel size GS class autocross
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    1. 12-31-2015 02:08 PM #1
      A question. I have picked up a set of RPF1 wheels for GS class autocross. 18x8, 35mm offset. OEM wheels are 7.5, the 7.5 RPF1s arent being offered any more by Enkei supposedly, but that was a salesperson talking. Are these wheels legal for stock? Before I mount them, better be sure. Thanks very much for your help and comments here.


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    3. Member AnchorsAweigh's Avatar
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      01-23-2016 11:36 PM #2
      Unfortunately no, since they aren't 7.5. In stock class you are only able the change the diameter of the wheel up or down one inch. Width must remain the same. I'm sure if you just ran 235s tho no one in your region would complain. Just don't go to nationals with em on.

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      02-04-2016 08:03 AM #3
      FWIW the 35mm is also out of the allowance as its 7mm from stock offset.

      The RPF1 in 17x7.5 is still available on Tire Rack AFAIK...

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    6. 02-19-2016 10:51 PM #4
      Sent em back and found a set of 18x7.5s at Tire Rack as suggested. They work, we won. ;-)

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