- Passat aluminum control arm and stock spindle question
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    1. Member dfwvw's Avatar
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      11-15-2015 01:44 AM #1
      I bought passat aluminum control arms and pressed off the stock rear control arm bushing tonight since they come with the comfort bushings. I have RS3 rear control arm bushings which have the correct housing to install. I also ordered new oem R32 ball joints. Will the oem R32 ball joints mount to the passat control arms with no issue? I have searched and all I can find is examples of swapping the passat aluminum control arms WITH the passat aluminum spindles. So my setup will be passat control arms, stock ball joints mated to the R32 steel spindles, and RS3 rear control arm bushings. Will the stock ball joint mount to the passat aluminum control arms, and stock steel spindles without issue, or do I need to return these and get passat ball joints as well? Thanks for any help you can provide!

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      11-16-2015 04:06 PM #2
      You should be fine. I have passat control arms, tt bushings, stock brackets, ball joints, and spindles. I'm not sure how passat ball joints differ from the stock ones, but the control arms have the same dimensions. I would just look out for uneven tire wear for a little while with the ball joints, as it may change your camber if there is a difference.

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      11-16-2015 10:15 PM #3
      I pretty much copied what he did ^^^ (minus the rear mount mod )
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      01-18-2020 12:03 AM #4
      I know this has been covered before but all the parts are available at Tom's Foreign auto parts quoted on another thread for less than 400USD. Saves a lot of weight and using the RS3 bushings is a great addition with improved handling. The trouble I had was getting all the part numbers from the various threads so I found a site with the schematic to make things easier
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