Hey all, fairly new to VWs and currently have a '15 GTI that I lowered with VWR springs right after I bought it (5/15) and had aligned it myself as I have done many times before on past vehicles. Problem was, I couldn't find any specs other than in degrees and minutes. I am just looking for 1/32" or 1/16" measurements for toe.

In the past on fwd cars it was always common to run a touch of toe out on the front and a touch toe in on the rear not sure what is common on VWs as I have no idea how the whole degree/minute thing works.

I set the car up dead straight in the front and 1/32" toe in each side in the rear hoping that would be a safe bet. Rotated the tires the other day and front and rear are feathered a touch on the insides, no bad wear though. Just enough to make some road noise. About 7500 miles on that alignment.

Any input is appreciated!