- MK3 Suspension Geometry?
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      10-26-2015 04:16 PM #1
      Anyone have any info on the MK3s suspension geometry? I'm ditching my 1.8T MK4 Jetta for a MK3 GTI 2.0. Found a decent one and figured I like the aba motors and a light little 2 door hatch would be fun. What I want to know is, how low can I go before it effects the suspension geometry negatively? What can I do to correct this? In the MK4 world we can swap out to the Audi TT spindles and help correct the issue up until 1 or 1.5in of lowering or so.

      My car will see a bunch of autocross events, and maybe some hill climbs and road course events here and there. So looking to do a solid set up here. Any advice or opinions would be great as I'm not to familiar with this platform just yet.
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    3. 03-06-2017 03:16 PM #2
      No lower then level a arms, is a good 'rule' to go by ... the camber depends on your tires ...

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